VPS Brand Assets

Thanks for your interest in VPS! We have a few guidelines for using VPS brand resources. Each section is about a specific part of the brand. If you like, please download our resource files below.

Logo Applications

Please use VPS logo as follows:

Dark logo on a light background.
Downloadeps orpng

White logo on a dark background.
Downloadeps orpng

Brand's name

VPS are the initials for Virtual Power Systems, when written all words of the name must be capitalized.

Virtual Power Systems

Virtual Power systems

Virtual power systems






We use Proxima Nova as an auxiliary typeface. It is a very versatile typeface for title and text and has various weights.

Proxima Nova Bold

Proxima Nova Regular

Proxima Nova Light

Proxima Nova Thin

Proxima Nova Bold Italic

Proxima Nova Regular Italic

Proxima Nova Light Italic

Proxima Nova Thin Italic

Official Colors

These are VPS brand colors. You can copy the CMYK values or HEX codes below


CMYK 95, 64, 21, 04


CMYK 67, 37, 00, 00


CMYK 72, 66, 65, 73


CMYK 60, 51, 51, 20


CMYK 04, 03, 03, 00


CMYK 00, 00, 00, 00

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