Join the VPS Team

Are you passionate about solving real world problems?

How does one revolutionize a model of power delivery that finds itself rooted in the innovations of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla? That’s where you come in. VPS is building a team of diverse software engineers, hardware engineers, data scientists, and designers who share a passion for solving multidisciplinary problems. We need your help to build a software driven smart grid, that will transform how we use power. But hard problems should be the ones that you are most passionate about. Sounds interesting? Get in touch, we love talking to talented people.

Great Benefits and Culture

VPS prides itself on hiring the best and brightest. Our team works hard to build an environment that helps us live well and stay focused.

  • Proper medical, dental, and vision, just like you expect.
  • Regularly held tech talks keep us up to date on lots of cool topics.
  • A beautiful Cinema Display and flexible hardware allowance.
  • Plenty of snacks. If you don't see something you like, ask and we’ll get it.
  • A cool team where someone is always willing to help you solve a tough problem.
  • Plenty more, including your suggestions, let's chat.

Great Funding & Support

Because great teams need strong support, VPS is well funded by experienced investors and industry veterans.

  • Strong Series A funding from Dolby Ventures, Data Collective and Exfinity Fund.
  • Board members with a list of accomplishments a mile long and strong commitment to help VPS be their next successful venture.
  • Hands on advisors with expertise in designing and operating some of the world's most complex data centers.
  • An ever-growing list of partners and customers who are committed to a future vision made possible by collaborative and innovative thinking.

Current Openings