Craig Broadbent

VP of Customer Solutions and Services


Craig Broadbent is responsible for solutions development and architecture and ultimate success of VPS customer engagements

Craig has been in and around data centers and power equipment for over 30 years. He is a true expert of his craft. In his own words, “I am a guy who figures things out and gets thing done.” His experience in power electronic design; prime power production/transmission operations; power system installation and services; critical power system maintenance; critical power system equipment; and maintenance services sales make him the perfect partner to work with VPSs customers. Craig leads the team that insures to design, architect and implement solutions that work within the customers unique environment allowing for maximum power distribution efficiencies while at the same time ensuring critical SLAs continue to be met. Prior to VPS Craig’s career has spanned all facets of data center and power management disciplines from power equipment sales to services sales, and working as an electrical engineer. VPSs customers are lucky to have someone with Craig’s fortitude helping them design their power profiles within their data centers.

“Every customer’s environment is drastically different, with each I am challenged to architect a solution that will maximize their ability to utilize power more efficiently thus dramatically reducing cost and increasing revenue opportunities. It is this commitment to helping customers realize the potential of Software Defined Power and the enormous benefits that keep me excited each and every day”