VPS ICE® Software Defined Power

What makes our platform so innovative is the powerful combination of intelligent software along with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. This breakthrough in efficient energy management lets you easily add equipment, control power for every node while improving reliability.

Server Virtualization
Storage Virtualization
SDDC: Software Defined Data Center
Power Virtualization: VPS ICE Console
Network Virtualization
SDDC: Software Defined Data Center
Server Virtualization
Storage Virtualization
Network Virtualization
Power Virtualization: VPS ICE Console

One platform,
three ways to maximise power utilization

Rack Share

Share Power Between Racks

  • Intelligently allocate power across racks based on need and historical patterns. Recapture stranded power and increase the overall utilization of current power infrastructure.
  • Automatically prioritize power availability in real-time to racks and branch circuits ensuring mission critical computing needs.
  • Reduce peak power loads by leveraging power caches in real-time.
  • Enable dynamic provisioning of new components without using additional power.
  • Automatically identify failing or failed power equipment to ensure higher availability and SLA.

Node Share

Control Power On IT Nodes

  • Increase efficiency and utilization of your infrastructure by intelligently allocating power to individual nodes based on need and historical patterns.
  • Increase granularity of power control with node level policies that are automatically enforced based on priority and availability.
  • Maintain world class SLAs with dynamic power capping eliminating drastic changes in IT node performance.

Source Share

Utilize Multiple Power Sources

  • Automatically utilize multiple power sources based on availability, cost or demand.
  • Utilize back up generators and secondary sources as amplifiers of power capacity rather than as fail-overs.
  • Make renewable power sources even more productive in a dramatically smaller footprint.

Improve utilization levels by up to 2X

Dramatically increase utilization within the existing power and IT footprint while simplifying infrastructure management.

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With ICE your power utilization scales with IT infrastructure.

ICE automatically identifies new hardware and ensures power availability dramatically simplifying the complexity of adding or replacing servers, racks, pods or containers.

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ICE Ensures you have power exactly where you need it.

ICE puts peak load shaving and backup power directly in the rack, eliminating single points of failure at a fraction of the cost of legacy redundancy-centric solutions.

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Power optimization is complex, let ICE handle the details.

ICE Intelligent Software manages ICE Hardware. It automatically discovers new hardware, monitors power behavior and learns your data center’s usage patterns in real-time.

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Fully Automated


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